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Product FAQs
When I connect my device, it // says 'No device connected'. How can I fix this?
My iPhone is locked. How can I get it connected to Gihosoft iPhone Recovery without passcode?
I can only see the existing contacts/messages/files but not the deleted items I want. Why is that?
The retrieved messages are not in the correct timeline. Why is that?

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Refund Policy
Can I cancel my order once it is placed successfully?
What is your 30-day Money Back Guarantee?
When will I receive my refund after it is approved?
I have ordered the additional CD backup. How can I cancel it?
Sales faq
It asks me to upgrade to the Pro version. How can I do that?
What is difference between the free version and the pro version?
I have not received my registration key yet. When will I receive it?
What to do if the registration code is invalid?
What is the Backup CD? Can I remove it from the order?
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