1. I try to download Gihosoft iPhone Recovery, but IE says that the signature of the program is corrupt or invalid.
Answer: That’s a bug of IE download. You can re-download it by using other web browsers like Chrome or Firefox.


1. When I connect my device, it still says 'No device connected'. How can I fix this?

Answer: Please make sure you’ve installed the latest iTunes on computer and tapped on “Trust” from your iOS device; Reopen Gihosoft iPhone Recovery and then re-connect your device to see if it would be detected.

2. Will Gihosoft iPhone Recovery recognize my iPhone even it is disabled?

Answer: Gihosoft iPhone Recovery cannot identify your disabled device unless you’ve synced your device with iTunes before.
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3. Both the iTunes and PC recognize my iPhone, but Gihosoft iPhone Recovery does not. Why is that?

Answer: First, you would have to agree to “Trust from this computer” on your iPhone. Then, re-connect it to iTunes. Last, close and reopen Gihosoft iPhone Recovery.

4. My iPhone is locked. How can I get it connected to Gihosoft iPhone Recovery without passcode?

Answer: Please do not restart your iPhone. Within 48 hours since it got locked, try to get it connected to the computer that you’ve synced before, then run the iTunes and Gihosoft iPhone Recovery.
More details: How to Unlock Locked iPhone or iPad

5. I cannot agree to “Trust from this computer” because the phone screen is broken. What can I do to get my iPhone connected to Gihosoft iPhone Recovery?

Answer: If one small area of the screen still works, try this: Hold Home key and ask Siri to turn on VoiceOver; Swipe right/left untill the “Trust” button is selected and double-tap it. If the broken screen is totally damaged, you’ll get it repaired first.
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6. My iPhone cannot connect to Gihosoft iPhone Recovery after restart. Why is that?

Answer: It requires you to agree to “Trust from this computer” after restarting your iOS device. Therefore, please tap “Trust” button on your device again. And ensure you’ve installed the latest iTunes on computer.


1. My photos and videos are lost/deleted from my iPhone without any iTunes backups. Can I still recover them?

Answer: Due to functional restrictions of iOS, Gihosoft iPhone Recovery cannot recover deleted or lost pictures/videos directly from the device, unless you have iTunes/iCloud backups. You can also check them on
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2. I can only see the existing contacts/messages/files but not the deleted items I want. Why is that?

Answer: Please turn on the Airplane mode and stop using the device after your data got deleted or lost. Any newly-generated or received data might overwrite the device. You can also choose to recover the data from iTunes or iCloud backup.

3. Can I recover my iMessages?

Answer: Yes, you can recover both SMS messages and iMessages when you select the “Messages” item.
More details: How to Recover Deleted iMessages from iPhone/iPad for Free

4. The retrieved messages are not in the correct timeline. Why is that?

Answer: The time frame might be overwritten by the recently received messages. Therefore, the recovered messages are out of order in timeline.

5. How can I print my messages/contacts/call logs?

Answer: You might open the exported HTML file and select the text contents that you would like to print out.

6. Can I recover lost files from iCloud?

Answer: Yes, you might recover lost files from iCloud. Go to Settings > iCloud > Backup to check the time of the Last Backup. Or sign in to, Settings > Advanced > Restore Files.

7. Can I recover lost files from Snapchat?

Answer: We are sorry that Gihosoft iPhone Recovery currently does not support to recover data on Snapchat.


1. The program stopped working and closed itself during scanning/recovery. Any proposal for the solution?

Answer: Make sure that you’re using the latest version of software from Or contact our technical support email (replace # with @) for help.

2. How can I put the retrieved messages back to my iPhone?

Answer: Currently, you can't put messages back to your iPhone. But the new version will coming soon with such feature.